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About Sock Geeks

We don't create flying robots or machines that can 3D print your dinner.

We're just a a small sock company. Proud vendors of possibly the most humble item of clothing there is. 

But we're on a mission to make socks possibly the most exciting things you own. Of course it all starts with great quality socks that look fantastic. But it doesn't stop there. 

We started Sock Geeks with the aim to create a product experience. All based around a few things we believe...

The post has become too depressing
We were fed up with everything we received through the post being either boring or scary. That's why subscriptions are brilliant. Packages that drop through your letter box, that you can actually look forward to opening!

Randomness is magical...
In a world where every website seems to know what you want before you do, a little bit of randomness can be magical. A surprise that arrives on a monthyl basis. As long as it's not so random that you'll never use it.

But 'personal' beats everything
The gifts we love are the ones where someone has put the thought in to match the gift to our personality.  And at Sock Geeks we put this first. We use psychometric projective techniques to help us better understand people's personalities. And then we send them socks, every month, to match that!

We put WOWing our customers before everything
And to do this, we're putting the human back into customer service. With each month's sock comes a surprise. If for any month you don't like the sock, we'll replace them. And if at any time you have a question, or a comment, or a suggestion... or you just want to know what music we're listening to, we'll reply. Honestly, try it out! 



Finally, you can try out the quiz that we use to understand people's personalities right here!