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Our socks are from all over the world. 


We prioritise two things:

This is where we spend most of our time. We are constantly looking for great designs that will suit our very distinct personality types. Most other sock subscriptions just send you random socks. We find them and then test them to make sure they work for you, before we can even think about getting them out to you. 

This is a fine balance. We want to make sure the socks feel good on your feet, but also make sure you can get a good amount of wears out of them. We have certain levels of fabric blend that we will never go above or below, to make sure we can perfectly strike this balance. 


But what if you don't like a pair of socks?

So far, this has never happened.

But if you don't like a pair you receive, email our chief Sock Geek, Harry ( We'll then send you another pair right away. You can save the pair you don't like to use 'just around the house' or give them to charity!


Find out your sock personality right here!

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