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The Hero Mum

Spontaneous, Dynamic and Independent

Bold colours, great flavours and things that will excite!

Here are some perfect gifts for you mum...


In season right now, the Bird of Paradise matches her bold, colourful personality. Alternatively try the simpler, but equally as radiant Narcissus!


A story about friendship and music and true identity. Swing Time is possibly Zadie Smiths best and most engaging book yet. 


Walking in to any Ottolenghi restuarant is a feast for the eyes. And the food is equally as good. This book's recipes look great, taste great and (mostly) simple to make. 


Cole and Mason's triple potted self-watering herb pot is perfect for a mum that loves fresh herbs, but lacks a bit of green fingers!


Famous for their huge slabs of absolutely delicious chocolate. This is Switzerland's 'Hotel Chocolate'. Different, tasty and impressive. 

Wild Card

You don't really understand the hype behind an Amazon Echo until you've tried it out. Perfect for the person who is always on the go... and doesn't have enough hands!

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