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The Sage Mum

Focused, Competent and Intelligent

Classy takes on classic items.

Here are some perfect gifts for you mum...


Her personality suits the classic Rose. The colour? Well, ideally something that matches her kitchen or living room. Alternatively try a white Slipper Orchid. They're stunning.


Intellectual and fun, with lessons to be learnt from people of the past. At The Existentialist Cafe is the perfect read for someone with your mum's personality. 


Three Michelin Star chef Massimo Bottura is a legend. His book, Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef is equally a work of art. It has great recipes & looks great on the bookshelf.


Hunter boots are classics. For the times your mum wanders outdoors, no other boot can keep you looking classy while keep you dry and clean. 


Artisan Du Chocolat is the Prada of chocolate. You pay for what you get, but their truffles are an experience she'll remember forever. 

Wild Card

Carrying a phone charger just fills up your handbang. The Pearl Compact Mirror looks great and can keep her looking great, while keeping her phone alive! 

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