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Can clothes make someone fall in love with you?

You may hate this fact...

But the average person will judge you within 30 seconds of meeting you.

Both consciously and unconsciously, they’ll be looking at your body language, your tone of voice, the words you use and, probably more than anything, how you look. 

It’s an unspoken insight, but one that is seen the most in the corporate world. A world where, in many industries when you go to see a client, you have to put on your glad rags. Make sure your tie is straight and your shoes are polished.

While we may all have our own ‘types on paper’, there are some consistent traits, like confidence, that all people are attracted to.

So, have a date or a big meeting coming up soon? Here are some easy tips that will help you dress in a way that will help you to make sure she doesn’t judge you within the first 30 seconds of seeing you!

When in doubt go smarter than you’d think

There is a reason James Bond is nearly always in a suit of some kind. A suit, shirt and tie will make anyone look stronger and more attractive. They’re the clothing equivalent of an optical illusion.

A shirt’s high collar strengthens how your neck looks. The structured shoulders of a jacket or blazer make your shoulders look broader. While a well-tailored jacket, when done up, will go in slightly at the waist and make your chest look bigger. Three evolutionary traits that animals in the wild still emphasise when trying to attract a mate.

With more and more people favouring more comfortable clothing, we’ve forgotten many of the reasons that smarter clothing spent years evolving to what it became. So dress a bit smarter to help form that great first impression.

Wear white or black

Different people suit different colours. Your skin tone, hair and eye colour play a large part in this.

Colours like beige and yellow will look great on someone with a good tan, but can make paler complexions look more drained.

To help them find the right colours, celebrities from around the world pay clothing consultants to create a ‘colour portfolio’ for them. The exact colours they need to wear to look more attractive. 

But if you don’t have the money or creative eye to work out which colours suit you best, keep it simple. White, black and even navy blue look great on everyone. Their neutral natures mean that regardless of your skin tones, they will always keep you looking fresh and healthy.

Save your crazy clothes for date two

Most people have something in their wardrobe that they love. Something that’s a bit different. Something that is ‘them’.

A straw hat, a fluorescent pink blazer, a studded pair of shoes.

That’s fantastic. But don’t wear it the first time you meet someone. Chances are they will either think you’re a bit eccentric, they won’t take your seriously… or at very best you’ll forever be known as the person who was wearing the ‘funny hat’ the first time you met. Save your clothing until they’ve got to know you a bit better. 

But that doesn’t have to mean you should be boring or hide your personality. Which brings us to our final tip…


While you don’t want to be decked head to toe in crazy clothing, there is definitely a reason for wearing something that will stand you out from the crowd. The term is often described as peacocking. Something that people will notice as being bold, brave and a bit different. A pop of a bright colour, a crazy pattern or an intriguing small accessory.

There are three items of clothing that are nearly always safe to ‘peacock’ with:

  • Tie: If you’re wearing a suit, don’t go with a plain blue tie. Or even a standard boring pattern. Choose one where the colour or pattern is bold. We’re not talking photos of ducks or Pacman images, but simply a cool bold pattern. Duchamp London is a great place for brilliantly bold ties.
  • Scarf: The perfect accessory to peacock with in the colder months is a scarf. You’re wearing it when you walk in, to catch people’s attention, but is taken off soon after so it’s not permanently in their face. If you’re wearing all black and white, go bright pink, red or yellow. 
  • Socks: Socks are never in your face, but they can often be seen when you’re walking, when you sit down and when you cross your legs. Ideally go with a bold, bright colour, or a strong pattern. Something that will make them say, ‘Wow, I love your socks’. Of all the things to ‘peacock’ with, socks are the one item that you can be the craziest with.


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