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Ok, apparently we're getting straight to business...!

  1. We're more likely to send socks you'll like. Most sock subscriptions just send you any old sock each month. It's not their fault. They don't know if you'll like it or not. With our personality matching techniques, and thousands of tried and tested data, we're able to send socks that we know you'll love. 
  2. We have real humans running our company that live and breathe customer service. So even if you DON'T like a pair of socks, you can just email us letting us know, and we'd get a new pair sent to you straight away. Don't believe us? Try us out now. Send us an email and see!
  3. We don't keep you waiting. Most other companies make you wait until a certain time each month to receive your first parcel. We don't. As soon as we get your order, we send the first pair of socks as soon as we possibly can. This is perfect if you're a little impatient (we are too!) or you want to give a subscription as a gift. 

We send out all our socks at the beginning of every month. So you never have to wait longer than 30 days for a new pair to arrive.

The only time this may be different is if you place your first order after the 20th of each month... rather than sending you your second pair a few days later, we'll wait until the following month to space out the happiness.

If you ordered after the 20th, and you'd rather this didn't happen for your subscription, email Harry at

So far, this has never happened.

But if you don't like any pair you receive, please just email Harry ( We'll then send you another pair right away, and you can save the pair you don't like for 'just around the house' or give them to charity. 

Indeed we can! We founded Sock Geeks not only based on our love for socks, but also based on our backgrounds in understanding us human creatures. The techniques we use are used by the world's largest brands and leading psychologists. 

We then use thousands of data points to make sure that the personalities are perfectly honed, and the socks are exactly what you'd want. 

You can read more about how we do it here

Our socks are sourced from all over the world. We prioritise two things:

Quality - This is a fine balance. We want to make sure the socks feel good on your feet, but also make sure you can get a good amount of wears out of them. We have certain levels of fabric blend that we will never go above or below, to make sure we can perfectly strike this balance. 

Design - This is where we spend most of our time. We are constantly looking for great designs that will suit our very distinct personality types. Most other sock companies just send you a random sock. We have to find them and then test them to make sure they work, before we can even think about getting them out to you. 

Are you kidding?! Ok, this is really bad news. 

Please contact Harry ( IMMEDIATELY, and he'll get on to this. 

Absolutely anywhere that a letter can get to.

We have fellow Sock Geek members in Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, USA, UK, France and loads of other countries around the world. Just so you know, depending on the country you live in, there may be a slight increase in postage cost.

Yup! We designed everything to make sure you don't have to go chasing your socks when they arrive each month. That's the worst! So far not one person has been in contact telling us that it hasn't slid directly into their letterbox.

So unless you live in a doll's house, and your letter box is teeney weeney, you should be good!

Honestly, there is no need! He loves it. What you could do, though, is like us Facebook, follow us on Instragram or be really old fashioned and tell someone about us. We'd really love that. 

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