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How we understand personalities

So how do we understand personalities?

We ask you questions. But not just any old questions. We use photos of things like animals, scenery and art. It's much easier and more accurate than asking people to describe what someone is like. 

It all sounds a bit hippy, but it's backed up by lots of science. And it is used by clothing, alcohol and technology brands all around the world. You can find out more below. Or you can jump right in and try out the quiz right now


Personality Types

The personality types we use are based on Jungian theories. The same theories used by personality tests like Myers-Briggs. The same personality types used by the world's most famous brands. Often called 'archetypes', we use these to understand which people would love the different socks we source. 


Projective techniques

We're not very good at describing personalities in words. Projective techniques help us get around this problem. They help to reveal the unconscious associations we make with other objects, brands... and people.  Just like companies from the USA to the UK, we use image based projective techniques to get an accurate idea of the person you are, or the person you are buying for. 


The theory

The model we use has been validated by sociologists and psychologists the world over. It places people along two different spectrums.

The first is about belonging. Do we want to stand out or fit in? Are we comfortable being individual or do we prefer to belong?

The second looks at introversion and extraversion. Do we prefer feeling free and liberated or in-control? Do we seek discovery or are we happy with the familiar?

We're often a mix of these things. And different mixes create different personality types.


...but why?

Buying clothes is often difficult. Finding clothes that suit what you're looking for can often take hours of searching. At Sock Geeks we're fascinated by people and personalities. And we love socks! We combine these two loves to create a unique new clothes buying experience. 

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