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Patterns - Peacock Socks


The Peacock is the owner of one of the most famous naturally occurring shapes in the world; an ongoing repetition of blue and green eyespots.

Why they have this tail and pattern, however, is still being debated. Charles Darwin believed the pattern attracts female attention, while Amotz Zahavi thinks that it simply acts as an honest signal of the male peacock’s fitness.

Regardless, you all LOVE these Peacock Socks. Those who receive Sock Geeks Socks every month sent us loads of comments saying how much you guys enjoy 'peacocking' around in them!

 Peacock socks with plant

When it comes to socks, geometric shapes are everywhere. Their precise lines and angles are mathematical perfection. The inspiration for all geometric shapes, however, has always come from nature.

So, for this sock, we skipped the man-made creations and looked to the natural world for your sock design.

Peacock sock ankle 

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Peacock socks from Sock Geeks pay homage to one of nature's most stunning creations: the peacock's iridescent tail, adorned with mesmerizing blue and green eyespots. The origin of this majestic pattern has sparked debate among scientists, with theories ranging from attracting mates to signalling the peacock's genetic fitness.

Nevertheless, the allure of peacock-themed socks is undeniable. Sock Geeks subscribers have raved about the joy of "peacocking" around in these vibrant and eye-catching designs. With each step, these socks capture the essence of nature's beauty and elegance, adding a touch of flair to any outfit.

In designing these peacock socks, Sock Geeks drew inspiration from the intricate patterns found in nature. While geometric shapes dominate the world of design, the intricate details of the peacock's plumage offer a unique and captivating alternative. With precise lines and angles mirroring the peacock's natural splendour, these socks celebrate the harmony between art and nature.

Whether you're looking to make a bold fashion statement or simply appreciate the beauty of the natural world, peacock socks from Sock Geeks are the perfect choice. Available as part of a Sock Geeks subscription or for individual purchase, these socks offer a stylish and playful addition to any sock collection.

Discover the allure of peacock socks and elevate your sock game with Sock Geeks today!

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