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A collection of socks first released to our subscriber's early this year, that has provided a little walk down memory lane! Who doesn't want that from their socks, along with the perfect neon colour scheme of course?
Sock Geeks Old Tech Collection of Socks
Do you remember sitting in a chilly hallway twiddling the cord, whilst having a chat on the phone that had you anchored to a wall?
Do you remember a time when you needed a camera film and a trip to the chemist to get your photos developed? Oh the wait was agonising!
Do you remember winding a tape with your finger after the player had chewed it up or pushing record at just the right moment on your favourite song from the radio?
Whether you answered yes or no, their part in the making of the tech we know and love today makes each one still pretty special.
The tech may be obsolete but our fondness for their memory is most definitely not!

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