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      Step into the world of Pantherella, where luxury meets craftsmanship behind the iconic blue door. Since 1937, Pantherella socks have reigned supreme, crafted from the world's finest yarns with meticulous attention to detail in England.

      Founded as Midlands Hosiery Mills in 1937, Pantherella emerged in 1945 with a new name and a revolutionary vision for English socks. Louis Goldschmidt, the mastermind behind Pantherella, envisioned lightweight, seamless, and stylish socks for men, challenging the bulky and uncomfortable norms of the time. With innovative designs and a specially crafted sock machine from P.A. Bentley, Pantherella set the industry standard, leaving competitors trailing behind.

      From its roots in England, Pantherella's influence spread globally. Exporting to Europe in the 1940s and expanding to North America and Australia, Pantherella socks became synonymous with quality and style worldwide.

      Remaining true to its heritage, Pantherella continues to produce all its socks at its family-owned factory in Leicester, upholding the values of provenance, design, and quality. Explore collections and experience the excellence of Pantherella socks, straight from the Leicester factory.