About his design in Matt's own words;

"I grew up in the 90s watching reruns of Saved by The Bell, over and over! I loved the fashion, the stories and the idea of a fictional American high school, I wanted to be Zack Morris. I still pay homage to that era in my style today and if I had socks to match I'd have truly lived a dream. My design is based on the opeining credits of the show and incorperates those wacky shapes and colours I fondly remember being a big part of my childhood."

We're thrilled to have allowed Matt to actually live his sock dreams! 

Whether you're a child of the 90s or not these patterns have a certain familiarity about them and literally can't fail to make you smile. Can a pattern make you want to dance too? Or is that just us?!

Matt's design commanded a huge number of the votes in our design competition so one thing we're certain of is that it's not just us that loves the design! We've paired it with two equally popular runners-up to create the Shortlisters collection. Subscribers who've recieved them so far have loved them.


About Matt in his own words;⠀
"My name is Matt Liptrot I am a Children’s theatre actor and dance teacher living in west London originally from Leeds. I love Sock Geeks and delighted I made the shortlist! I love to be creative and having my design printed and being worn by people would be amazing!"

A very big thank you to Matt for allowing us the pleasure of bringing his design to life.

The socks are available in 2 sizes and can be purchased as single pairs here.

1989 competition design entry MATT LIPTROT


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