60 Seconds with...Eloise Grohs

60 Seconds with...Eloise Grohs

Here at Sock Geeks HQ we're passionate about socks, and we love hearing that our sock subscribers are too! In fact we've heard from so many that we thought it was time we got to know some of our fellow Sock Geeks a bit better.

Your style says a lot of about you; whatever your taste and personality it's yours to own. If you've taken our personality quiz you'll know, we really can match your socks to your personality. So we're meeting some Sock Geeks to hear about their personality and their socks in 60 Seconds With Sock Geeks.

First up is Eloise Grohs, a recent grad and Illustrator...


Sock subscription lover Eloise

SG: Hi Eloise! Tell us about yourself: How would you describe your personality?

I don’t take myself too seriously and I’m very clumsy! I hope people would say I’m quite a generous person.


SG: What is your job? Does this reflect your personality?

I work in a stock room so I hope not! But I am currently looking to work within a creative team as I am a freelance illustrator.


SG: Like?

Food. Pink. Animals.


SG: Dislike?

Smelly breath on the tube.


SG: Describe your style:

A colourful mish-mash of a charity shop.


SG: Socks - Necessity or Accessory?


Sock subscription lover Eloise

Definite accessory; I put socks in the same category as jewellery.


SG: Biggest fashion faux-pas:

used to think leg warmers were worn pulled right up, full length, without a bit of a crease. My sister soon put me right.


SG: Greatest achievement:

Getting a first in my degree.


SG: One thing you want everyone to know about you, but they don't yet:

I’m obsessed with Mr Blobby.


SG: Life goal:

To become established in my creative career.


SG: What do your socks say about you?

My socks say I don’t want to grow up yet.

Eloise is an Extreme Sock Geek.

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