60 Seconds with... Fearghas MacGregor

60 Seconds with... Fearghas MacGregor

We want to get to know our fellow Sock Geeks better and hear how your hugely varied personalities exhibit themselves on your style. The words 'personality' and 'socks' in the same sentence, however, needn't suggest louder varieties of sock design, as many of you Statement Sock Geeks will know.
For the second of our 60 Seconds With Sock Geeks series, we sat down with Fearghas MacGregor, one such Statement Sock Geek.
sock subscription statement personalitysock subscription statement personality

SG: Tell us about yourself: How would you describe your personality?

I found myself drinking champagne while ironing, so I think I might be both Jeeves and Wooster?

SG: What is your job? Does this reflect your personality?

I’m an Actuary, very detail focused, but with the chance for some creative problem solving. So a bit like me - serious, but with a bit of fun under the surface!

SG: Like?

Gin, ties, obscure quotations.

SG: Dislike?

Sportswear, matching tie and pocket squares, late stage capitalism.

SG: Describe your style:

Bertie Wooster / Patrick Bateman / Young Republican of the Year, 1962.

SG: Socks - Necessity or Accessory?
Necessity...no one needs to see my ankles.
sock subscription statement personality
SG: Biggest fashion faux-pas:
My ill fated “punk” phase - turns out listening to Nu-metal and wearing a hoodie don’t make you a punk, they just make you an embarrassing 12 year old.
SG: Greatest achievement:
Playing Stephen Hawking on television. (Well, playing his left arm)
SG: One thing you want everyone to know about you, but they don't yet:
I once threw up on Jeremy Clarkson.
SG: Life goal:
To run up a big enough debt at the tailor that I have to flee to France.
SG: What do your socks say about you?
I do have a personality, I just keep it very well hidden.
Fearghas is a statement Sock Geek.

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