The Memphis Collection.

The Memphis Collection.

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A collection of socks that our subscriber's have simply loved! Many going on to buy the other designs in the collection as well as the monthly pair we sent them in their subscription. It's not hard to see why is it? Just look at how fabulous they are! 

Sock Geeks Socks Memphis Original Collection

A true blast from the past with their inspiration coming from an 80's interior and architectural design movement. In our book retro patterns are always in style and it seems designers of today agree, with inspiration being drawn from the Memphis aesthetic all over.

The "Memphis" design movement originated in Italy rather than Tennessee as the name may suggest! It took the title from a Bob Dylan song played during the founding member's initial meetings!

The movement was founded as a rebellion against what was "good taste" at the time and was fairly shortlived. That didn't stop it gaining a huge cult following though. David Bowie was an avid collector.

It's funky style is enough to brighten anyone's day...or socks!

The movement's funky and vibrant style possesses an undeniable ability to brighten anyone's day - or even their socks! Our collection embraces the lively spirit of Memphis design, infusing it into each sock design. So, step back in time and forward in style with our homage to the sensational and daring aesthetics of the Memphis movement. Get ready to strut your stuff with socks that echo the innovative and captivating energy of an era that continues to captivate hearts and wardrobes alike.

The Memphis collection is available to buy in two sizes here.

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