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The Ultimate Guide to Combat Sweaty Feet: Unveiling Key Features in the Best Socks

Sweaty, damp or smelly feet can be a cause of embarrassment and discomfort. It is important, therefore to find the right socks and shoes to help you combat this irritating problem. The type of material, style and thickness of socks that you choose can make a very large difference, and different types can be more effective for different activities and seasons.

It is key, therefore, to include a variety of socks in your collection to help your feet get rid of sweat on warmer or more active days. Choosing a varied sock subscription service, for example, can help you get your sock drawer in order with the right kinds of socks to combat sweat.

Sweaty feet – a dilemma we've all faced, leading to cracked skin, redness, and the dreaded stench emanating from socks and shoes. Fear not, for the solution lies in choosing the ideal socks for sweaty feet. At Creepers, we're passionate about prioritizing foot health, comfort, and functionality.

The scope of the ‘sweaty feet’ problem can vary from person to person – some people can simply wash their feet to restore their sweet, unsullied nature. Others still find that they are sweating heavily, minutes after washing their feet and patting them dry.

So, if you are plagued with feet that are less than fragrant and find it hard to stay on top of the problem with washing alone, read on to find out more about causes, top tips and the different types of socks that can help keep the moisture at bay.

What are the causes for smelly feet?

What Triggers Sweaty Feet? The human foot boasts more sweat glands per inch than any other body part, making it prone to perspiration, especially when confined in socks and shoes. The resulting hot and moist environment becomes a breeding ground for discomfort. While sweat is a natural cooling mechanism, excessive buildup can lead to various issues.

  1. Athlete's foot: A fungal skin infection common in those with consistently sweaty feet.
  2. Sweat rash
  3. Redness
  4. Dry, cracked skin
  5. Blisters
  6. Unpleasant odor

Can Socks Alleviate Sweaty Feet? Indeed, the right socks can significantly reduce or prevent sweaty feet. Understanding that sweating is a natural bodily function for temperature regulation, the focus shifts to aiding efficient evaporation. Choosing socks that facilitate moisture withdrawal from the skin and promote evaporation becomes crucial.

Suspect socks

Many people wear socks that are too thick, heavy or made of the wrong type of material. This stops the sweat from evaporating and leads to feet becoming smelly and damp.

The sweat sticks to the material and is pressed against the feet as you move about. This is especially true of active people, who enjoy playing sport, exercising at the gym, walking or running a long way or simply need to spend a lot of time on their feet during the day.

Poor hygiene

Just as we all need to wash thoroughly and have a bath or shower daily to stay clean and fresh, so we mustn’t neglect our feet when it comes to attending to personal hygiene.

It can be easy to forget them when we are wearing a pair of socks, slipper or shoes. A thorough wash twice a day will help you stay on top of any odour issues, as will changing your socks daily to a fresh, clean, breathable pair.

Warm weather

The late spring and summer months can play havoc with sweaty feet, as the weather makes us all sweat and feel much warmer and ‘stickier’ than in the winter or autumn. Just as we wear looser clothes and fewer layers in the summer to feel more comfortable, so too should our socks become lighter and made from breathable materials as the summer sun arrives on the scene.

Excess sweating

Excess sweating, or hyperhidrosis is a recognised medical condition that leads the person to produce too much sweat. Often, sweating occurs even when they are not feeling hot or anxious or are not being active or exercising.

It can be a very distressing condition and many sufferers feel embarrassed about social contact. However, it is usually treatable by a doctor and can be significantly eased by wearing the right kind of socks that offer super breathability.

Best socks for sweaty feet in warm weather

During the summer months, it is best to wear lighter socks that allow moisture to escape and your feet to breathe. Try to wear shorter sock lengths if possible, but don’t go without socks altogether if you are planning an active day, as this could lead to blisters and discomfort.

Here are four top performing materials to consider this summer:


Bamboo is a natural material with strong absorbency and thermal regulating properties. Bamboo socks are great for keeping sweating feet dry, environmentally sustainable and really light and comfortable to wear, whatever their length.


Polyester is a highly versatile, man-made fabric that is perfect for summer socks, as it is light, absorbent and dries fast. Often, polyester is mixed or treated with other man-made fabrics to enhance performance, such as Lycra to add elasticity, and CoolMax and DryMax technology to help your feet stay comfortable and dry, even during a darn tough workout.

Mesh venting

If you are a sports enthusiast seeking cool, sweat-proof socks to help you keep active and odour-free all summer, look out for pairs that have mesh venting built in. This helps the air to circulate through tiny holes in the mesh panel, helping you to stay cool and dry whatever your level of activity.

Merino wool

This soft, fluffy material makes naturally anti-bacterial socks, meaning that it helps to combat the bacteria on your feet before they can break down the sweat that you produce to make your feet smell.

Ways to control foot odour

The good news is that for most people, controlling foot odour is a relatively simple job. The most effective approach is to use a combination of methods to keep feet feeling dry and smelling gorgeous all day long.

Change your socks once a day

Start by changing your socks at least once a day – more if you know you are going to be active. Always carry a spare pair with you and make sure you have plenty of clean pairs available in your sock drawer or closet. Team your socks with breathable shoes to allow the sweat to evaporate fully. Good shoe materials for this purpose include mesh, canvas and leather. Make sure they are not too tight.

Clean your feet at least twice a day

Clean your feet twice a day using hot water to kill any bacteria present. You can buy specialist powders and sprays to help get rid of harmful germs and keep your feet dry. Use a specialist detergent to wash your socks as well for double protection. Don’t forget to clean your shoes’ in-soles regularly too – basically, any surfaces that come into contact regularly with your sweaty feet!

See a specialist

If you are concerned about excess sweat, or an overly strong odour coming from your feet, make an appointment with your doctor as they may be able to give you some ointment, medicine or advice to help. Excess sweat could also be indicative of another medical condition, so it is always wise to get it checked out if you are at all worried or anxious.



Don’t get caught short: take out a sock subscription

One of the best ways to combat sweaty, smelly feet is to have loads of clean pairs of socks to change into. Don’t let yourself run out of pairs – take out an excellent value sock subscription with The Sock Butler to have a new pair of socks packed and delivered straight to your front door every month.

You can choose the style and frequency of the socks you are sent. Find out what the best socks for sweaty feet really are by setting up your new sock subscription service today.

Key Features of the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet:

  1. Material Matters:

    • Synthetic Yarn and Merino Wool Blend: The perfect combination for moisture-wicking and temperature regulation. Synthetic yarn efficiently draws moisture away, while merino wool offers hydrophobic outer layers and hydrophilic cores, aiding in water absorption, skin dryness, and odor prevention.
  2. Breathable Mesh:

    • Increased Breathability: Opt for socks with a breathable mesh upper foot to enhance air-skin contact and effective evaporation. A higher needle count contributes to a more open construction, allowing better heat dissipation.
  3. Lightweight with Minimal Padding:

    • Quick Moisture Wicking: Lightweight socks with minimal padding facilitate faster moisture wicking and evaporation. Thicker socks tend to retain heat and moisture, increasing the risk of discomfort and blisters.
  4. Natural Foot Shape or Separate Toes:

    • Optimal Toe Spacing: Choosing socks that mimic the natural shape of the foot or offer separate toe compartments enhances breathability and reduces skin-on-skin contact. Seamless toe socks further eliminate friction and improve moisture-wicking efficiency.

Conclusion: The goal is not to eliminate foot sweating, a natural and essential process, but rather to optimize sweat evaporation. Lightweight, breathable socks crafted from a blend of merino and synthetic yarns prove to be the champions in reducing sweat buildup, minimizing heat, preventing odor, and enhancing overall foot comfort. Explore our merino blend toe socks, celebrated for their remarkable ability to combat sweat, blisters, and elevate foot comfort. For more recommendations, check our next post in this sweaty feet series, unveiling the top 5 socks for tackling the issue head-on.

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