Men Socks

British men's dirty secret...

It’s a lot of men’s dirty little secret. And a more common one than we thought.

Based on new research Sock Geeks have conducted with Google Surveys, one in three British men have worn their socks for longer than a day in the past month.

And it's not even the 'lazy teenagers' that are driving this trend.

Older men are even worse…

1 in 4 men over the age of 45 have actually worn the same socks two days running IN THE PAST WEEK!

Not changing your socks regularly is one of the biggest causes of foot related fungal infections, such as Athlete’s Foot.

Wearing socks for longer than a day can help to build a culture of fungus not just in your socks and feet, but also in your shoes. It can often go unnoticed at first, as the culture initially colonizes your socks and shoes. But when it reaches a tipping point, either the skin on your feet or even your toe-nails will blossom with a skin-based fungal infection.

Washing and drying your socks after each wear is enough to put a stop to the beginnings of any fungal culture. And make sure your feet feel good, look good… and smell good!

It’s time we changed our socks more regularly!


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