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Celebrities in Socks: Unveiling the Trendy Footwear Choices

Celebrities in Socks from Sock Geeks: The Trendy Footwear Choice!

Celebrities in the world of fashion are known for their eye-catching outfits, using smart clothing choices to express themselves from head to toe. The accessibility of their content allows fans to stay up-to-date with their colorful and stylish looks. However, just because many celebrities attract headlines for their main garments – dresses, tops, evening wear, jeans… it doesn’t mean that what they wear on their feet can’t be just as interesting for their fans to watch out for. Celebrities' footwear can be admired and even incorporated into their own style. This is especially true when it comes to accessibility on their websites, making it easy on the eye for fans to find and purchase the same styles.

Just as celebrities and their eye-catching outfits have taken the world by storm, so too should socks

Sock subscriptions have gained immense popularity in the UK, revolutionizing the way we buy socks. Step up and take their rightful place in the fashion content. Many celebrities have already recognized the significant potential of a snazzy sock in creating engaging content. Here, in no particular order, are ten celebrities whose feet and ankles are bang on trend. These famous people have the perfect content for fashionable footwear.

Taylor Swift

Singer/songwriter superstar, Taylor Swift caused a stir last year when she was photographed wearing thigh-high socks with pump heels, making the unlikely combination look quirky and cute. The take-away lesson? Never be afraid to experiment with your socks!

Rob Kardashian

Model, socialite and member of America’s favourite reality TVdynasty, Rob Kardashian loves socks so much that he has launched his very own sock brand, Arthur George. Founded in 2012, Rob’s company creates socks with funny phrases on them to inspire the wearer, such as ‘Keep Calm’ and ‘YOLO’


Rihanna has been seen out and about wearing the oh-so-casual combo of white ankle socks and black sliders, teamed with ripped jeans and a casual, cropped turtleneck. The beauty of opting for backless sliders is that you can really show off your socks style to the world.

Justin Trudeau

You won’t find many ‘top ten’ lists that contain both Ariana Grande and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, but this is one such list. Mr Trudeau wore Star Wars themed socks to meet the then Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny on ‘Star Wars Day’ (May the Fourth…) 2017. He was also seen sporting purple and yellow socks with a jaunty rubber duck design at the 2018 World Economic Forum summit in Davos... Power dressing at its finest!

Ariana Grande

This pop princess knows how to make socks look sensational with her signature style of knee-high socks, cute, two-piece outfits and a high ponytail. The longer socks add a dressy dimension to the songstress’ concert outfits and really catch the eye with their cheerful, bright colours. Away from the spotlight, she has also posted pics of herself on Instagram wearing white ankle socks with an uber-casual pair of crocs.

Snoop Dogg

Socks may not be the thing that first springs to mind when you think of Snoop Dogg, but the US rapper loves the cosy foot coverings so much that he, too has created his own sock fashion line. Collaborating with Happy Socks, Mr Dogg’s designs are playful and perfect to wear while ‘rollin’ down the street’

Ellen DeGeneres

The popular chat show host has become synonymous with funky socks in bright colours and striking designs that she often wears during her shows. In fact, she joins the list of celebrities who have started selling their own socks by introducing several styles to her own clothing line, Ed by Ellen

Prince Harry

A well-known supporter of many charitable causes, the fashionable royal donned a pair of neon stripy socks in honour of World Down Syndrome Day to raise awareness of its odd socks day initiative when he visited the English rugby team during their Six Nations campaign in 2015.

Jessica Simpson

Take a leaf out of Jessica’s book and wear your knee-high tube socks to the gym for a retro look that also offers practical support for your legs during a work-out. The actress competes the gym bunny look with a plain white tee and gym shorts. Perfect motivation to hit the gym hard.

Contestants on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here’

For our final entry on this somewhat eclectic list of famous sock fans, we turn to the reality TV sensation that is ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ Have you noticed how all the contestants wear red socks during filming? This is not just an aesthetic choice. They wear them to prevent any insect bites around their ankles from showing up on camera. Lovely!

Get your own sock game on with your very own Sock Geeks Sock Subscription plan. Never mind the celebrity catwalk, you’ll soon be turning heads yourself as you strut down the street sporting our picks of cool designs, fashionable brands and stunning colours.

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