Christmas in July - Embracing the Joy of Christmas in July

Christmas in July - Embracing the Joy of Christmas in July

Celebrating the Magic Twice a Year

As the sweltering heat of summer reaches its peak, an enchanting celebration takes hold, bringing with it the cozy nostalgia and joyous spirit of Christmas. Yes, it's that time of the year again - Christmas in July! In this whimsical tradition, we get to relish the enchantment of the holiday season not just once, but twice a year. Join us as we explore the origins, festivities, and heartwarming reasons why embracing Christmas in July is a delightful experience worth cherishing.

A celebration that brings joy, cheer, and warmth in the midst of summer, particularly on July 25th. This blog explores the idea of Christmas in July, its origins, and various ways you can make this unique holiday a part of your summer traditions.

Understanding the Concept of Christmas in July

Christmas in July, celebrated primarily in the United States and Australia, also the UK is not unfamiliar with this unique celebration, offers a distinctive blend of summer fun and traditional Christmas cheer. The 25th of July, marking the halfway point to Christmas, is often considered the unofficial day for these celebrations.

While the concept of Christmas in July can be traced back to a summer camp in the United States in the 1930s, Australians celebrate this holiday to experience a colder, more traditional Christmas atmosphere in contrast to their typical summertime Christmas in December.

The concept of Christmas in July is relatively new to the UK. While it doesn't hold the same significance as it does in Australia, where it's a chance to experience a cooler Christmas, or in America, where it's traditionally tied to summer camps, the UK has begun to see Christmas in July events, primarily in retail and entertainment sectors.

For many UK retailers, July is the time to start previewing Christmas products to the press and consumers. This has led to the coining of the term 'Christmas in July' in the UK, and it presents an excellent opportunity to spread Christmas cheer during the peak of British summer.

Decorating for the Perfect Summer Christmas

For your Christmas in July celebrations, you can still uphold the tradition of decorating your home. Even though it's summer, nothing stops you from setting up Christmas lights, ornaments, or even a Christmas tree. To keep it summer-appropriate, think of beach-themed ornaments, lights in bright, summery colors, or even a sandman instead of a snowman.

The Joy of Giving: Christmas in July Charity and Gifts

A vital element of Christmas, whether celebrated in December or July, is the spirit of giving. Utilize the 25th of July to spread joy with a small gift exchange amongst loved ones or contribute to a local charity. Christmas in July provides a timely reminder to support those in need during a period when charitable donations are often lower.

Feasting and Activities for Christmas in July

Embrace the Christmas spirit with a feast that also celebrates the season of summer. Swap traditional Christmas dishes for summer delights such as grilled poultry, fresh salads, and a variety of chilled desserts. For refreshments, opt for cool, festive summer drinks in lieu of the usual hot beverages.

Outdoor activities are a hallmark of summer celebrations, and Christmas in July is no exception. Consider a pool party with Christmas-themed inflatables, a beachside picnic, or a bonfire on the night of July 25th to make your celebration memorable.

Creating New Traditions for Christmas in July

Christmas in July provides an exciting opportunity to create new traditions. Consider organizing a Christmas movie night under the stars, a caroling session by the beach, or a 'Secret Santa' gift exchange featuring summer-themed gifts.

In conclusion, Christmas in July, with its peak on the 25th, provides an exceptional way to infuse the magic and joy of Christmas into the heart of summer. Whether you're excited about the novelty of the occasion, the joy of giving, the festive decorations, or the special summer Christmas feast, it presents a wonderful way to brighten your mid-year celebrations.

While this tradition might not be deeply rooted in the UK, the trend is catching on, offering everyone a chance to spread cheer and goodwill during a time of year when it's least expected yet greatly appreciated. From unique summery decorations to gift exchanges, outdoor feasting, and the creation of new traditions, Christmas in July can add an extraordinary touch of festivity to your British summer. As the saying goes, "Christmas comes but once a year," but who's to say we can't create a little Christmas magic more than once? Celebrate Christmas in July and make your summer unforgettable! 


"Christmas in July" is not just a concept for a mid-year holiday, but it's also a title of a classic black-and-white movie directed by Preston Sturges. Released in 1940, this American comedy film stars Dick Powell and Ellen Drew.

The story revolves around a young, down-on-his-luck clerk named Jimmy MacDonald (played by Dick Powell) who dreams of winning a big fortune through a sweepstake. His coworkers trick him into believing he has won a $25,000 prize, leading to a series of comedic misunderstandings and misadventures.

While the film doesn't exactly delve into the concept of celebrating Christmas in the month of July, it does play with the idea of fortune and joy coming unexpectedly at an unusual time of year, much like the sentiment behind the 'Christmas in July' holiday.

So, whether you're looking for a way to get into the Christmas in July spirit or just enjoy classic cinema, "Christmas in July" is a delightful watch.

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