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Featured Sock - Cuboid

Without doubt, one of our subscriber's favourite socks recently has been Cuboid.

Part of our 'Illusion' collection, based on the clever trickery of age old optical illusions. We love to geek out whilst designing, and the history of the many famous illusion images is fascinating stuff.

            Necker Cube Sock Design       

The simple line drawing of an empty cube was published in the 1800's by Louis Necker. It inspired us to create this pattern using just lines. It's an impossible arrangment of cuboids that plays with the perception of depth.

We chose a clean white line against turquoise and it produces a striking sock. 

If you received Cuboid, did you love it? Tag us in your #sockselfies @sockgeeks.

If you didn't receive Cuboid, and would like to get your hands on it, you can purchase it here.

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