Sustainable socks

How to reuse old socks...

How to reuse old socks...

It's been ALL about 'Reduce Reuse, Recycle' here at Sock Geeks HQ over the last few months. We took on the task of changing up our packaging to make it easily recyclable and we've committed to drastically reducing the plastic that we use.

So that got us thinking....what about the socks themselves? What can we do once we've worn them too many times or what about the socks that have mysteriously lost their pair!

Here's a few ideas the team have come up with; 

  • Cleaning cloths - Many ideas came up for this one. Cleaning your car, polishing silver, brass or chrome, dusting your house, polishing shoes, cleaning the whiteboard at school or work.....the list is endless. This saves us throwing old socks out and from buying new cloths. 
  • Puppets! Sock puppets - enough said! Just get creative and the kids will love you.
  • Hair bun - we are reliably informed that you can cut a sock to create a tube that then makes the perfect 'bun' hairstyle! Who knew?!
  • Golf club covers!
  • Ice pack covers. Makes the ice pack from the freezer much more comfortable to apply to a bump to the head.
  • Storage in the shed - Put items in socks then hang them up to store them. 
  • Make pin cushions out of them for the keen sewer in your life.

You see, it's really easy to change our 'throw away' society into one that makes less impact on the planet. It saves money too which is never a bad thing (more money to buy new socks of course!). Let us know if you've got any other genius ideas that we didn't think of.


Reuse recycle themed Sock Geeks socksReduce Reuse Recycle themed socks Sock Geeks

We created green themed socks to celebrate the launch of our new packaging! Here's two of the men's socks, "Reuse" and "RRR". Our subscriber's have just received them inside our new envelopes and we've had some awesome comments so far.

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