Modal Tencel Boxer Shorts

Introducing Our New Collection: Men's Modal Tencel Boxer Shorts Experience

Launching on September 1: Modal Tencel Boxer Shorts at Sock Geeks

When it comes to men's underwear, akin to socks, they often become an afterthought. However, nailing these everyday essentials isn't just about style, it's about embracing a confident stride throughout the day. Whether you lean towards boxers, briefs, or even tightly whites (no judgments here), your choice of underwear is pivotal. The key lies not just in brand labels, but in comfort, quality, style, and a growing emphasis on sustainability. And at the heart of it all is the fabric.

So, what truly defines the best fabric for men's boxers? Luckily, at Sock Geeks, we've delved into this to simplify the process for you. As we embarked on designing our line of boxer briefs, we meticulously researched the most popular materials (highly sustainable, exceptionally comfortable). Our goal? To ensure that the boxers we create align with your comfort and style preferences. Here's a sneak peek into what we've discovered.

Organic Cotton: A timeless choice. This soft and natural fabric offers sustainability and comfort. However, cotton has a tendency to absorb moisture, which might not be ideal for hot weather or active days.

Nylon / Polyester: Synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester excel in performance. They're moisture-resistant, flexible, and perfect for on-the-go activities. Yet, their eco-friendliness is questionable, and they can sometimes feel less premium.

Lyocell: A relatively new contender, Lyocell, is a game-changer. This plant-based cellulose fiber strikes a balance between innovation and eco-consciousness. It boasts 50% better moisture-wicking capabilities than cotton, and it's three times softer. Our verdict? A clear winner.

Get a Sneak Peek into Our Upcoming Launch: Introducing New Collection  Our Lyocell Boxers

Modal Black Lyocell Boxers UK
Modal Grey  Lyocell Boxers UK
Modal Navy Lyocell Boxers UK

After 3 years of dedicated research, we are thrilled to present the key ingredient that defines our upcoming collection: Modal Lyocell boxer Shorts for men. This genius synthetic, derived from renewable wood sources, has taken center stage in our debut line of boxer briefs. Why Modal Lyocell? The answer lies in its unmatched combination of luxury, functionality, and sustainability.

Modal Lyocell's touch is akin to silk, gracefully caressing your skin while ensuring breathability, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial properties. Moreover, it effortlessly adapts to your body's natural temperature regulation, enhancing comfort throughout the day. But the true magic lies in its eco-conscious essence – a durable choice that harmonizes with the environment.

For us, crafting boxers is about more than fabric; it's about the perfect blend of fit, comfort, and quality. In our quest to redefine boxer shorts, Modal Lyocell emerged as the unequivocal choice, allowing us to create a collection that transcends the ordinary. Prepare to elevate your everyday wardrobe with unparalleled comfort and style. These boxers aren't just a garment; they're a declaration of confidence.

Stay tuned as we proudly unveil our extraordinary collection of boxer shorts. Each pair is meticulously designed to elevate your comfort, style, and above all, champion sustainability.

Mark your calendar for our grand launch on September 1st, 2023. Join us at the intersection of innovation, style, and sustainability, exclusively at Sock Geeks.

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