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Sock Geeks 2019 Design Competition WINNER!
Back in April we announced the winner of this year's sock design competition. Kyle Tyson was the very worthy winner after receiving the majority of the public's vote. 
We were bowled over by his Mars 2020 design and literally could not wait to get it into production, and onto the feet of all our Sock Geeks out there! 
Well....The wait is over as since April, Kyle has blown us away even more with his creativity. He's come up with two further designs to complete a full men's Sock Geeks collection. They graced the doormat's of our subscribers last week!

We asked Kyle a few questions so that you can get to know him a bit better, so here goes......

SG: So, tell us more about the man behind the socks! When you're not designing awesome socks in competitions, what will we find you doing for work? 

I work in IT, people normally glaze over at that point but it is very interesting and always changing.

SG: As you're not a professional designer, is it something you might turn your hand to one day (we think you're very talented)? 

Definitely. I had a lot of fun coming up with these designs.

SG: Ever won any other competitions, or is this your first? 

This is the first competition I've ever won! And what a cool one it is! 

SG: And, what do you for fun?  

I enjoy running, particularly organised mud/obstacle runs. Great fun with a few mates. I also bought a bike recently, it's nice to look at but I've only ridden it once so far!

SG: Any hobbies? 

 I try to go snowboarding as much as possible. I'm fortunate to be close to an indoor slope which makes it accessible, but the real experience is on a snowy mountain.

SG: What's your greatest achievement?

Winning Sock Geek's design competition of course!

SG: Socks - Necessity or Accessory? 

Necessity and accessory! Subtle style for every day.


We'd like to take this opportunity to extend another very big THANK YOU to Kyle for being so awesome during the whole process! We hope you all love the socks!

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