Christmas Stockings

History of Christmas Stockings: A Legendary Tale

A Brief History of the Christmas Stocking

Millions of Christmas stockings hang from fireplace mantelpieces every year. This festive tradition is, to many, just as important as the Christmas tree, Father Christmas and turkey. But while most people concentrate on finding the perfect place for their stockings, very few wonder why this global tradition took off in the first place.

The origins of the Christmas Stocking are debated fiercely around the world. But one thing remains the same wherever you go: the custom of stuffing stockings with toys, sweets, coins and trinkets.

The Most Common Theory Behind the Christmas Stocking

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that old Saint Nick himself is at the centre of the legend of the Christmas stocking. Father Christmas actually evolved from a man who lived in the ancient city of Lycia around three centuries after the birth of Christ.

According to the legend, Saint Nicholas came to the aid of an impoverished single father struggling to raise his three daughters. The widowed nobleman was worried that without significant family wealth, he wouldn’t be able to find suitable husbands for his daughters.

As the legend goes, Saint Nick snuck into the nobleman’s home and filled the girls’ stockings with gold trinkets. Over the years, the story has evolved — and there are several versions around now. But the basic principle of a clandestine visit from a mysterious benefactor remains the same.

Christmas Socks Were Once Used as Stockings for Santa

During Victorian times, children would use everyday festive socks as stockings. But over the decades, more and more families switched to purpose-made Christmas stockings — decorated with festive motifs and personalised messages. Today, the sight of elaborately decorated Christmas stockings hanging over fireplaces on Christmas Eve is commonplace.

Santa can now identify the children he bestows gifts upon by the names and messages on Christmas stockings. And some children love to make their own stockings to add a personal touch to the Christmas Eve experience.

We’re Bringing a Little Cheer into Homes This Year with Our Festive Socks

Wherever you go in the world, Christmas stockings play an important part in a traditional family Christmas. They signify the love and respect that is at the heart of giving gifts to loved ones. We don’t give to receive; we give because making other people happy — or making them feel loved and appreciated — is reward enough for us. 

Here at Sock Geeks, we wanted to combine the launch of our Christmas Socks range with the thrill of making lives better. And we’re so excited about it, we thought we had to share the news with you as soon as possible.

Christmas Socks

Our Sock Geeks festive socks represent the Christmas spirit. They’re designed to evoke Christmas memories of childhood celebrations with family and friends. And they pay homage to a simpler time when Christmas was a magical experience — without the modern-day pressures and superficial expectations we often face today.

Our purpose was that Sock Geeks festive gift socks to make the perfect alternative to boring jumpers, scarves, pyjamas and hats. Let’s face it; these common festive presents may be heartfelt, but they can lack the wow factor after they’ve been bought for the same person five years in a row! We believe stunning and distinctive sock gift sets based on the recipient’s personality traits are far more original and exciting.

From all the team at Sock Geeks, we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! And what better way to do that than to give away 1000 sock gift sets to people in need?
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So, here’s what you have to do: Tell us about a special person in your life who is struggling to make ends meet this Christmas

Perhaps this person has recently lost their job. Or maybe they’ve been on the wrong end of some bad luck. If they can’t afford to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones, tell us their story in the comments section below.

We’ll read every story and select the people we feel will most benefit from one of our Christmas socks gift sets. Everyone should receive at least one gift at Christmas, and we want to do our little bit to make sure that happens.

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