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Dots, dashes and spaces.


The Collection
A collection of socks featuring the three components of the iconic Morse Code. We've used the International Morse Code, which was standardized all the way back in 1865!
They're available to buy as single pairs here for mens pairs (size 7-11 UK) and here for womens (size 3-8 UK)
Morse Code Socks Sock Geeks
Morse code forms an integral part of the evolution of digital communication. A code created to convey messages using the on/off pulses of early telegraph systems.
Sock Geeks Morse Code Socks
It's been over 20 years since it was last officially used commercially but still to this day is applied in many useful and nostalgic ways in the public forum.
Did you know that the old Nokia SMS sound is the famous Morse SOS signal?
Sock Geeks Morse Code socks
We love nothing more than delving into a bit of history for inspiration for our sock designs, so this collection was especially satisfying for us. Our subscribers loved this one too, and we had so many messages to say how much they were enjoyed! Especially decoding the messages on the socks! 
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