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Motif Collection - Repeating the pattern of success

Our latest collection to hit the doormats of our treasured Sock Geeks...


A cool word, we think! Perfect to describe a collection that's inspiration was born from decorative tiling seen in many a quirky and upmarket location. 

We love to hear your take on our designs, and often some of the comments surprise us! Different people seem to see certain patterns and images differently. The geek in us got to thinking (and reading about repeating patterns)....

Are the patterns arrangements of lines that create the shapes in between, or an arrangement of shapes that create the lines?

The Japanese demonstrate this for us. They do not name their roads as we do in the west, but rather the blocks of houses. For them the roads are just empty spaces between the buildings!

We've added the new designs to buy in our shop. Get them here.

We hope you all love these as much as we do!

Until next month.....


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