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Our personalities

Focused, Competent and Intelligent

For Statement Sock Geeks, socks are a statement piece. 

Geo-metric patterns, clean colours and never cartoon characters...

Their socks are more likely to be coordinated with their outfits. 

Are you a Statement Sock Geek?


Spontaneous, Dynamic and Independent

For Extreme Sock Geeks, socks are a talking point.

Big colours, bold patterns and awesome shapes…

Pretty much any design that will make people say "wow, I love your socks!"

Are you an Extreme Sock Geek?


Unpretentious, Approachable and Practical

Socks for Friendly Sock Geeks are a way of showing their personality without pushing it in other people’s face.

Less likely to wear crazy scarves, shoes or hats; socks are their way of expressing some character in what they wear. 

Are you a Friendly Sock Geek?