Our Spring Summer winning designer

Our Spring Summer winning designer

When we started Sock Geeks, we wanted to be a bit different to other clothing companies. More than anything we wanted to create a company about people. About personalities. 

So when we first started producing our own socks, we asked our customers to choose the ones they liked the most before we got them made. Then, in Februrary 2018, we asked our customers, as well as up-and-coming designers from around the world, to create the designs for us. 

We received over 60 different sock designs. And then we asked you to vote for your favourite. Thousands of votes later, you chose Tony Bussey's design as the winner. 

Over the past couple of months we've collaborated with Tony to create a collection of three designs. One for each of the Sock Geeks personalities. 

So as we approach the launch of Tony's 'Summer Daze' sock collection, we wanted to get some more information from him on how he created the winning sock collection.

Tony Bussey

"I became a sock geek after a friend bought me a subscription for my birthday. Since then I've been a massive fan.

This competition was a way for me to share my excitement about getting a cool present through the post each month.

I’m a professional graphic designer from Sheffield but I live in Manchester. It doesn't always feel like summer here but it's a fun, easy going city with brilliant people.

When I thought about the theme of 'Summer', it took me to sunny days and munching a cool ice lolly. Sometimes with family, sometimes with friends."


This was Tony's first foray into socks, and we're glad he made the effort. His work usually focuses on some incredible causes. From hospitals to charities. You can see a selection of some of his great work by clicking here

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks to get your hands on Tony's socks!

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