Patterns - Bodoni Socks

Patterns - Bodoni Socks


Bodoni was recently given the title of the most beautiful font ever created. This serif font screams class, evident in the fact that it is the font of choice for brands like Burberry, Vogue and Calvin Klein. Created in the late 1700s by Giambattista Bodoni, it has become the Ferrari of the typography world.

Rather than create a pattern with a letter from the Latin alphabet, we’ve chosen the Greek letter ‘Omega’. A beautiful letter that looks perfect in Bodoni, but also a letter with huge symbolism... used by chemists, physicists, biologist and computer scientists the world over. Hey, we are Sock Geeks after all.

 Bodoni font socks sideways

On our phone, on a menu or in a shopping centre. We’re surrounded by thousands of different fonts every day. The typography we see is there to instruct us, inform us, and entertain us. There are thousands of different fonts out there. But only a few are truly loved and used the world over...


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