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Patterns - Futura Socks

What do Louis Vuitton, Domino’s Pizza and Absolut Vodka have in common? They all use the Futura font in their logo!

The love for Futura spreads far and wide... movie directors like Stanley Kubrick and Wes Anderson refused to use anything else, and NASA chose it as the font on the commemorative plaque left on the moon in 1969.

We’ve created a sock pattern that subtly uses Futura’s capitalised ‘T’ and matched with colours that come straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.


On our phone, on a menu or in a shopping centre. We’re surrounded by thousands of different fonts every day. The typography we see is there to instruct us, inform us, and entertain us. There are thousands of different fonts out there. But only a few are truly loved and used the world over...

 Bodoni Font Socks

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