Patterns - Helvetica Socks

Patterns - Helvetica Socks

Helvetica Font Socks

Helvetica is the darling of the typography world. Its precise design gives it an unparalleled versatility. Every day, all around you, you’ll see it in the logos of thousands of brands, from Harley Davison to Microsoft to BMW. The font has such a passionate following, they even made a documentary about it!

We’ve taken Helvetica’s capitalised A, and created a pattern that will have people turning their heads.

 Helvetica font socks ankle

On our phone, on a menu or in a shopping centre. We’re surrounded by thousands of different fonts every day. The typography we see is there to instruct us, inform us, and entertain us. There are thousands of different fonts out there. But only a few are truly loved and used the world over...

 Helvetica font socks

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