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The 5 Sock Rules You Need to Remember

Match socks to your trousers not your shoes

It doesn’t matter what colour your shoes are, match your socks to your trousers. Socks should be an extension of the clothes that you’re wearing.


Smart shoes need socks

Even though the trend has recently been to go without socks, all smart shoes should be worn with socks. Good shoes have been designed with the expectation that the person wearing them will have socks on. Which brings us to the next point.


Even loafers were made to be worn with socks

Loafers are probably the most common ‘smart’ shoe that people wear without socks. But even they were designed to be worn with socks. The reason they’re so popular without socks is because of two reasons… Their low cut, meaning that some of your foot is on show, and the fact that people have often confused them with deck (or boating) shoes.


Throw away old socks

As soon as you see a hole in a pair of socks, throw them away. One of the important roles that socks play is to soak up your feet’s sweat and not let it get into your shoe. Thinning or holey socks, stop this from happening, and can quickly make your shoes smell. Replacing a holey pair of socks is much quicker and cheaper than replacing a smelly pair of shoes. 


Never go sockless

The people you see on TV, in magazines and on Instagram are deceiving you. It may look like their wearing no socks, but they’re more than likely wearing invisible (or no show) socks. Just as with holey socks, wearing a pair of shoes with no socks is the quickest way to make your shoes smell and get athlete’s foot!