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UK Father’s Day 2024: when is it and how did it begin?

UK Father’s Day 2024: when is it and how did it begin?

Calling all sock aficionados! Prepare to be enlightened about the origins of Father's Day, a celebration not as recent as you might think.

As the third Sunday of June approaches, it's time to gear up for Father's Day in the UK. While the tradition of gifting socks, whisky, wine, or perhaps even motorbike adventures has become commonplace, the roots of this modern holiday delve deeper into history.

But when exactly is Father's Day in 2024? Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 18th. This date isn't set in stone; it's part of the tradition where Father's Day falls on the third Sunday of June each year. Interestingly, some countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain opt for March 19th, coinciding with the feast of St. Joseph.

Now, onto the fascinating backstory. Contrary to popular belief, Father's Day isn't a recent addition to the calendar. Its origins trace back to July 1908, a mere two months after the inaugural Mother's Day. Surprisingly, the driving force behind the first Father's Day wasn't a man, but a compassionate woman named Grace Golden Clayton from West Virginia.

Moved by a tragic mining disaster leaving 1,000 children fatherless, Clayton organized an event at her church to honour fatherhood. Although this event was a one-time affair, the idea persisted. Enter Sonora Smart Dodd, inspired by her own father's unwavering dedication after her mother's passing, who championed for a national day of gratitude for fathers.

In 1910, Dodd and local ministers arranged the first Father's Day celebration in Spokane, Washington, to be observed annually on the third Sunday of June. Initially modest, the celebration gained momentum over the years, culminating in President Nixon's official declaration in 1972, establishing Father's Day as a nationally recognized holiday.

So, as you shower your dad with love and appreciation this Father's Day, remember the remarkable journey that led to this cherished tradition. And perhaps, treat him to a pair of stylish socks – after all, every dad deserves a little extra comfort and flair!

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