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Wearing wet socks to bed? How can wet socks help me?

Why Should You Wear Wet Socks?

Wet socks? You have to be kidding me. We say not to knock it until you've tried wearing wet socks - there are benefits to doing so!

This guide will walk you through the art of the wet sock.

Why on earth would you willingly wear wet socks?!

The first thing that may come to your mind is, "don't wet feet cause illness?" Well, not necessarily when socks are involved!

Plenty of myths, legends, and practices show how wet socks can help with minor health issues like the common cold. Many people swear by the results, but others still throw the concept into question.

Let's deduce how wet socks can be the helping hand you never knew you needed!

How can wet socks help me?

You can be entertaining at parties by showing people a neat sock trick or two! Here are some of the ways wet socks can help with common ailments.

Overcome the Common Cold

Wearing wet socks to bed for cold can be a surprisingly effective remedy in beating that bothersome illness. It would undoubtedly raise an eyebrow or two thinking about how this would work, but we can explain!

Put your feet in warm water while placing your 100% cotton socks in cold water. Then put the socks on over your feet, add another pair of dry woollen socks over the wet ones and tuck into bed.

Now, what's the science behind this? Your blood vessels will constrict from the wet socks, encouraging your body's immune system to rise into action. It will then send a natural healing response to combat the cold infection. When you start to warm up, the dilating blood vessels will toss out all the virus stuff out of the body.

The 'cold feet at night in bed remedy' is often viewed as a placebo effect. But hey, if it brings results, who are we to question it!

Help with Hangovers

Let's face it; we're all looking for effective hangover remedies to get back on track after a night on the town. Could the wet sock treatment be the revolutionary cure for hangovers?

There's an argument that wearing wet socks to bed helps regulate your body temperature and blood pressure, helping eject all the hindering properties of the consumed alcohol.

Better Night's Sleep

And if anything, better regulation of body temperature and blood pressure can mean a better night's sleep! Wet feet can help you feel more relaxed on warmer nights and raise your body temperature, keeping you warmer on chillier evenings.

Boost Circulation

The blood vessel constriction mentioned earlier means that your body will see increased stimulation. That includes boosted circulation that ensures healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout your organs.

Reap the rewards of wet socks with a sock-tastic subscription!

Socks are like the Swiss-army knives of wearable apparel. They can solve any issue or ailment - even wet ones! So why not get a sock subscription and arm yourself with the only tools you need to hurdle over life's challenges?

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