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What socks to wear on your wedding day?

What socks to wear on your wedding day?

Wedding season is here! It was only last year that I got married. And, as someone who works for a sock company, obviously the topic of socks came up. What route to take? Keep them classic, match the colour scheme, go crazy or leave it to the ushers to decide.

I explored all of them. And rather than keeping it to myself, I wrote it all up to help you decide!

Matching the colour scheme

Most weddings have a colour scheme. A colour that is consistent across the bridesmaids dresses, the flowers, and sometimes even the ties.

If you want to look like a complete wedding pro, find socks that match your colour scheme. It may not be possible to match the colour exactly without paying a fortune, but the great thing about socks is that they’ll only provide a subtle pop of colour here and there. And no-one is going to put them right up next to the bridesmaids’ dresses.  Find something that’s close enough, and you’ll fool everyone into thinking that you’ve matched them perfectly. Given the amount of different colour schemes for weddings, to find the closest colour of sock, your best shot is going to our Sock geeks Wedding Sock Collection. They’re vast variety of socks means most wedding colour schemes will be covered. 

Final quick tip… if you’re intending on matching the colour scheme, try and keep the design as simple as possible. Patterns will disguise the fact that you’ve put all the effort into matching the colour.

Adding some fun and character

Wedding clothing is nearly always formal. Given you’re going to have the photos for the rest of your life, most people choose clothing that will be timeless. Socks can be an exception to that rule. They’re hidden behind your trouser leg for most of the day, and will be hidden in most of the photos. So if there is one element you want to have a bit of fun with, have fun with your socks.

Loved Star Wars growing up? Get R2D2 socks. Love pizza? Get socks with pictures of your favourite peperoni slice. Love pugs? There are socks for you too.

Socks are a piece of clothing you can have fun with on your wedding day without the risk of ruining it!

The reservoir socks approach

Socks don’t have to be hidden away. If you want some different photos, and to make the ushers feel special, get each of them a pair of different socks. Socks that match their specific personality.

But try and keep some form of consistent theme. 

Want to give each of them a different coloured pair of socks? Make sure you buy them all from the same range, so that the colour tones are similar.

Want to give each of them a different pattern? Try and make the colours as similar as possible.

Want them each to have a different design? Try and match the designs as much as possible. So give each of them a different emoji sock, rather than giving one a pair with cats on, and another with dollar signs. 

Different style socks from the same ‘family’ lead to the best photos. Just make sure you let your photographer know so that they can take a photo that highlights them

Go traditional

Want to go traditional with your socks? Stick with black. But do them properly

Given it’s your wedding day, and given the fact that you’re staying simple, go all out and get a pair of sock that pull up high. And by high I mean as close to your knee as possible. When Saville Row tailors began to achieve global fame, their view was that if any part of the leg was visible when a man crossed his legs, it was seen as bad manners. They even invented sock suspenders to help make sure their long socks never slipped down. 

So if you’re going traditional, do them right. Make them black, but also make them long.

And have fun on the big day!

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