When Life Gives You Lemons...by SARAH MALLOUPPA

When Life Gives You Lemons...by SARAH MALLOUPPA


"...put on your lemony socks! This age old saying is used to encourage optimism in the face of adversity, and in these weird and uncertain times, we need to find the lemony linings in everything.

Why not start by putting on a fresh pair of citrusy socks in the morning, hopefully bringing you that zest for life; making you smile and setting you up for whatever the day brings?"

In Sarah's own words, a very welcome message of positivity behind this awesome sock design.

Sometimes we all need the reminder to look for the good when life is getting us down. Especially during the tough times we've all been facing this year! And we think a comfy new pair of socks is a good a reminder as any!

Sarah Mallouppa designed these socks during our initial lockdown period and entered them into our design competition. They were hugely popular and received a massive number of votes. So despite the fact it wasn't the winner we decided that we simply had to make them into socks anyway, along with two other shortlister socks to create the collection. 

Sarah said that it felt like winning to have them made into socks! Which we think is just amazing.

A very big thank you to Sarah for her fabulous design! 

The socks are available in 2 sizes and can be purchased as single pairs here.


When Life Gives You Lemons Competition entry sock design - Sarah Mallouppa
When Life Gives You Lemons Socks - Sarah Mallouppa - Sock Geeks

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