Hold it Together

Hold it Together


      Introducing our "Hold It Together" sock collection – a tribute to the small yet remarkable objects that make life easier. This collection pays homage to the straightforward brilliance of everyday items that we often take for granted.

      Can you fathom a world without clothes pegs to hang out your laundry, paperclips to tame unruly paperwork, or a trusty safety pin when you're in a bind? And let's not forget the essential hair grips that come to the rescue of those with longer locks – they're the unsung heroes of countless hairstyles. But where do all these items disappear to? We like to think they're off having a wild party with the elusive missing socks!

      Though a mere century old in comparison, the cable tie is equally impressive. Its versatility knows no bounds, even finding a place in some surgical procedures. This collection was conceived during the depths of a national lockdown due to the pandemic, serving as a poignant reminder that it's the little things that carry us through tough times. These unassuming objects truly help us 'Hold It Together'.

      Sometimes, these treasures aren't just objects; they're the intangible moments that offer us solace. Our socks are a cheerful tribute to these simple joys as well.

      Welcome to the "Hold It Together" collection – where even the humble peg becomes a symbol of resilience and resourcefulness. These socks celebrate the tiny yet mighty forces that assist us in maintaining both our physical and mental balance.

      Available in sock size 7-11 (UK) and  3-7 (UK), our "Hold It Together" collection invites you to embrace the charm of life's unsung champions.

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