Luxury Christmas Cracker, Organic Cotton Socks, Festive Gift, Holiday Cracker, Christmas Stocking Filler, Seasonal Socks



      Whether as an extra special touch for a table setting or an elegant stocking filler, this luxury Christmas cracker will make quite an impression.

      Indulge in the Christmas Socks Collection - Luxury Christmas Cracker, a delightful addition to your festive celebrations. Each cracker contains a pair of elegant Luxury Sock Geeks socks in timeless seasonal shades, made from Superior Organic Comb Cotton Socks using a 200 Needle Count Knitting process.

      Alongside the socks, discover our Signature Monthly Card, a traditional hat, and a classic holiday joke. It's a cracker gift worth cherishing.

      Spread the joy this holiday season with Geek Socks Christmas Crackers, available in men’s Size 7-11(UK) or ladies fit Size 3-8(UK), featuring various styles to suit your preference.

      Plus, enjoy a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and take advantage of free shipping, returns, and exchanges

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      Luxury Christmas Cracker - Pack of Two
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      Luxury Christmas Cracker (one)
      Luxury Christmas Cracker - Pack of Six
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