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Fun Ways to Style Your Socks With Your Eyewear

Fun Ways to Style Your Socks With Your Eyewear

Socks to match your personality

When it comes to personal style, everyone has their favourites. Classic pieces, newfound gems, and the occasional experiment all make for an expression of self that truly tells the world who you are. According to award-winning personal stylist Chantelle Znideric, who owns more than a dozen pairs of specs and sunnies, “glasses can really elevate an outfit.”

One of the style tricks she lives by and encourages for clients of any gender is to have a few pairs of glasses to let one’s personality shine through. It’s an exciting way to accessorise, especially now that so many frames, colour palettes, and even patterns exist. The eyewear market is finally offering up the same level of diverse freedom that sock enthusiasts have enjoyed for years, so there’s no time like the present to have fun styling your socks with your eyewear. 


Men’s fashion has seen a resurgence of prints in recent years, but you don’t have to limit this to shirts or pants. According to a survey by The Modest Man, most men have chucked out the confines of business casual as a go-to everyday look. Creative expression is now met with more options for every style and budget, so there’s no reason to hold yourself back.

A pair of men’s sunglasses can go a long way in creating print-filled fun while remaining classic. Combine your shades and socks to present your prints, and you can go for a plainer top and bottom without looking boring. The Burberry BE4403 is a chic pair that uses the brand’s iconic check pattern in muted strokes and grey hues. Pair this with the Sraffito statement socks in black and white argyle emulating etched artwork, and you’ve got yourself stunning points of visual interest without doing too much. Childish Gambino is a perfect example of sticking to a debonair style while playing with prints and patterns. Draw the eye from top to bottom, and you’ll achieve the same red carpet confidence. 

Complementing colours

Sock Snob

Credit - @sirsargent on Instagram

If you’re more for colour blocking and complementary shades, look to famed critic and Gagosian director Antwaun Sargent. He sticks to neutral tones often and has an established palette but elevates the looks with a snappy pair of sunglasses complemented by socks that pop. 

Going for colours in the same hue or range makes things easy and gives you leeway to get funky with the shapes. For instance, the bespoke sunglasses designed by Tom Davies are simple blue crystal acetate but use an asymmetrical square and rounded frame shape. You can get the Drift socks part of the Tide collection to build on these frames. These ocean-inspired socks mix bold and lighter blues with shades of white, patterned to mimic the ocean's tides. A unique frame design with a mesmerising sock pattern can make an outfit go beyond the norm, especially if you lean into the whole colour scheme cohesively. 

Contrasting Colours

Just because you can match doesn’t mean you have to! Mix it up with contrasting colours and evoke an outgoing persona. The contrast technique is a fashion staple because it draws attention and leads the eye to different pieces. If you want people to get a good look at you and walk away impressed, don’t shy away from contrasting your sunglasses against your socks. Think of the black-and-gold elegance of the Versace VE2264 with the sharp contrast of the eccentric red, yellow, and tan of the Extreme socks from the Scraffito collection. 

Going thematic


The london sock company

Credit - @davidbowie on Instagram

Who says you can’t get thematic with it? Some of the most prominent style icons have never backed down from an eye-catching theme. Right now, Dundee is holding an exhibit on exquisite kimonos donned by greats like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. These kimonos are distinct in style but shine timelessly, so don't be afraid to play with themes you can build your looks around. You could sport a military, Top Gun vibe a la Tom Cruise and pair some Ray-Ban Aviators with camo socks. On the other end of the spectrum, retrofuturistic pops of colour can work with a solid Oakley Sutro Latitude and the Sweet Stick of Rock sock collection. Choosing the right socks-and-shades combo will be smooth as butter once you pick the motif that speaks to your aesthetic.

Final thoughts 

Every detail makes up the whole of your style persona, so have fun with it and unveil a pairing that perfectly captures who you are. Sometimes, you only need some signature socks and a rocking pair of sunglasses to feel confident and leave a lasting impression. 

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