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UNIQUE Collection - Extreme


The 2020 Sock Geeks Design Competition WINNER! Designed by LILIAH VINCENT.

The socks are here and now available to purchase as a single pair! 

11 year old Liliah, home during the countrywide lockdown at the beginning of our reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic, designed these socks with a name befitting the times. The real message behind the socks is as striking as their design though. It captivated the voters and she won with a huge majority.

About UNIQUE in Liliah's words;

"This is about everybody is different and you can't make a line of crosses or noughts because it symbolises that everybody is different and nobody is the same. I wanted to make it a bright design because life would be boring if everyone was the same."

Available in both Mens Size 7-11(UK) & Womens Size 3-8(UK) - select option required.